DREAMS CAN COME TRUE (IF IT’S NOT WORKING FOR YOu, you’re not doing it right)

In Dreams Can Come True, a series of self-help questionnaires that look to address and solve visitor’s most pressing problems and thus help them to begin living the “life of their dreams” are presented to the audience. Guided by a series of instructions, visitors navigate the installation in search of self-actualization which can be manifested in an interactive model they can build and leave in the gallery. Merchandise can be purchased in the mobile shop. Dreams Can Come True explores the impossibility of our collective, endless search for concrete answers and endeavor for self-improvement.


Questionnaire result pages and clipboards, 3 video monitors each showing 200 different multiple choice questions. 6 different result pages, makers table, 6 tables for different model types. signage and prints. utility trailer with neon sign, shop filled with branded merchandise.